Main Features

TubeLayout™ is an agile drafting software which assists in the thermal and mechanical design of shell and tube heat exchangers
It provides features normally available in expensive software at a fraction of the cost

From its intuitive faceplate it is possible to create a tubesheet layout in seconds and reply to the fundamental question when starting a thermal design: how many tubes do fit in a prescribed shell diameter?

Despite its simplicity, it allows to adjust all the relevant geometrical parameters of the tubesheet to match an exact geometry and fulfill the mechanical constraints

Complementary information is provided in the output that is useful in thermal design phase, like total heat transfer area, rho*V2 at relevant locations, flow sections and so on

TubeLayout™ is the natural complement for simpler software like spreadsheets, often used for thermal design or for short-cut design methods

The generated layout can be exported to DXF, SVG and PNG for further refinement or to be included in any sort of document like process data sheets


Demonstration Video

System requirements

TubeLayout™ is a cross-platform application written in Java. It is currently tested and deployed with Java 17 and uses JavaFX for its GUI.
Application bundles for Linux, Mac and Windows are available to subscribed users at the downloads page . A platform independent version is also available, which can run on any system with Java installed.

TubeLayout™ requires a permanent internet connection to communicate with the server. Bandwidth requirements are low so most modern network connections should work.